• Taking cues from local vernacular, a high quality one-off family dwelling that successfully nestles within its rural context

    Paragraph 55 House | West Sussex

One off Paragraph 55 house, West Sussex

We are currently developing designs for a new one-off Paragraph 55 house in the West Sussex countryside.

The design is a unique response to the site and its wider context which celebrates our client’s long standing relationship with the farm that the plot was once part of. By means of innovative construction techniques and a rich palette of locally sourced materials, the proposals seek to celebrate the memories of the place, and create a very special family home from which to enjoy the expansive views to the South.

The house is enhanced by a rich and varied landscaping scheme which enhances the immediate setting and is inspired by local pasture and woodland. Sustainable wastewater management and rainfall attenuation are coordinated with the landscape scheme whilst renewable generation of electricity will allow the house to be largely self sufficient.